2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming soon and Madison Ashley wants you to give your mom something sweet and special in time for Mother’s Day!

Words are not enough to show mom how much we appreciate her. This Mother’s Day, choose a special and meaningful gift for her to carry wherever she goes.

In case you’re looking for some gift ideas for mom, here’s our top picks from our Mother’s Day collection.

Say “I love you mom”

“Mom, remember our memories spent by the beach, your most favorite place on earth? I remember when I was young, it was so precious seeing our footprints on the sand and running along the shore.” -Andy

A necklace to tell your mom how she will always have a place in your heart.

For the simple mom

“Mom, you’re so simple and kind. You never ask for extravagant things, even though you deserve them. I like how you love your natural self and you taught us to love ourselves. Thank you, mom. For being the epitome of simplicity is beauty.” - Shannon

She’s effortlessly beautiful, even without all the fuss. Her style is simple yet elegant and with class.

For the gentle mama

“I know how much you love sea turtles, mom. Which is why I got you sea turtle inspired jewelry. Just like sea turtles, you’ve sacrificed so many things for us to survive. You are wise and gentle, gracefully swimming through life. You're an amazing mom, I love you.”-Dalliah

For moms who are gentle and kind. Quiet but protective, wise and sweet.

For the fun loving mom

“You made sure my life was exciting. You wanted me to enjoy life and go with the flow just like your favorite mammal, the dolphin. I’ll never forget the time we had an encounter with dolphins. They were so powerful, so playful and strong —just like how you raised me to be.”-Carol

Her energy is prime, her smile is divine. She loves dolphins and her vibe is twice as fun.

Which one are you getting for your Mom?



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