12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas is going to be a little bit different this year, but there’s one yearly tradition that doesn’t need to change; it’s giving gifts and exchanging cards. 2020 has already taken so many things away from us, and we’re not about ready to give up the spirit of love and giving.

Regardless of your culture, tradition, and family values, we’re sure that you can feel the spirit of Christmas and you celebrate it one way or another throughout the holiday season. All the food, the decorations, family tradition, and how extra kind people are this time of year? It just makes it so wonderful and exciting!

Let’s make everyone’s Christmas extra special this year through items that represent your favorite moments spent together, especially if your gift is meant for a beach and ocean lover!

From our Ocean Collection to our Love collection, we’ve got so many items for you to choose from. And in the spirit of Christmas, here’s a modern, ocean-inspired twist on one of the holiday’s most played songs: the 12 Days of Christmas. Now, we may not have a partridge in a pear tree but we do have 12 Summer-rific Gift Ideas for her!

1. Island Breeze Necklace

Our Island breeze necklace is made for women who love the tropics. She’s humble and always ready to explore. She’s down to try anything at least once in her life. From cliff diving to island expeditions, to surviving on tropical fruits or maybe even trying out an exotic dish or two. Bring out the island girl in her. Remind her of the fun adventures she’s had, especially the ones spent with you.

2. Flip Flop Necklace

There are days when all she wants to do is walk by the beach early in the morning or as the sun goes down while thinking or simply to relax. To some people, the beach is their safe place and when she goes, her flip flops are the best companion. Show her you remember this tiny detail about her by gifting her a FlipFlop necklace. We have them in three different colors for you to choose from! Get her one this holiday and she’ll greatly appreciate that simple gesture.

3. Full Opal Flip Flop Necklace

If she’s everything mentioned above but she’s into the more feminine things, our Full Opal FlipFlop necklace is a better fit! And why wouldn’t she love this piece? FlipFlops are cozy and comfy, and so easy to wear! Allow her to remember her most comfortable moments by the beach through jewelry she can wear everyday!

4. Sea Star Necklace

Not all stars are up in the sky, some of them are quietly chilling where the beach is nearby. For the beach babe who’s resilient, humble, yet strong. She may seem like a wallflower (of the sea) but she’s so much more than just a fish in the sea. Make sure she knows she’s a star. Give her a sea star necklace and make her smile sparkle.

5. Sea Star Earrings

Sometimes she’s shy and you wonder why because she’s so amazing like the stars in the sky. If only she knew that she’s loved by this guy, get her to fall in love with you, just give it a try. How about sea star earrings to make her shine brighter? You can even match it up with the sea star necklace to match.

6. Paradise Blue Wave cuff

The waves are calling. To some, more often than others. If she loves to listen to the sound of the waves, ride the waves, or swim under the waves, our Paradise Blue Wave cuff is the one for her! She doesn’t need to be on the beach to feel the energy of the waves. This one is a wave that she can bring with her all the time!

7. Clam Shell Necklace

Every mermaid needs her clam shell! We are strong believers that mermaids exist and since we have mermaid friends who tell us what items they must have and absolutely love, we’re pretty sure that your very special mermaid at heart will love this too!

8. Overlapping Waves Ring

And if we’re not done talking about waves yet, here’s another piece inspired by the waves; our Overlapping Waves Ring! Allow her to channel the energy of the waves as you help her keep the memory of her favorite beach moments through beautiful ocean-inspired jewelry.

9. Dolphin Love Bracelet

For the woman with a free spirit! Her confidence and playful energy is contagious and that’s just one of the many reasons you love her. She’s intelligent, adventurous, and definitely loving. What better way to represent her love for freedom than with a Dolphin Love Bracelet?

10. Opal Crab Necklace

Crabs are always fun to see. Lovely to look at but don't get too close because these little snappers can also be feisty. If your woman is a July-born Cancer, it would make perfect sense to gift her our Opal Crab Necklace! Get this piece to show her how you love her sweet and nurturing -yet feisty nature.

11. Sea Horse Wave Necklace

Seahorses are one of the most distinctive and charismatic marine animals ever made, just like her! If she’s always been fascinated with these charming little creatures, get her a Seahorse Wave Necklace! Show her that you love how she truly is—all things unique and a whole lot of fun! Time to make her shine with her next statement piece!

12. Thin Opal Hoops Earrings

Something simple, classic, not too flashy but still very shiny. Our Thin Opal Hoop Earrings can be worn at the beach, everyday, and even for special occasions. Whether she’s a laid back beach loving lady or a powerhouse who works in different settings, this versatile jewelry is perfect for the woman who’s part of both worlds!

Whether your woman is a part of the underwater world or if she just prefers to enjoy the beach on land, these ocean-inspired jewelry will truly touch her heart. Especially since all our items are made as a reminder of the beautiful moments spent by the beach, the ocean, or even underwater. Each jewelry tells your story. This holiday season, don’t miss the chance to re-tell yours without having to say a word.

We’re not telling you to get her all 12 gifts for Christmas —though we’re not gonna stop you if you intend to (yay!). But we sure hope this list helps you choose the ideal gift for her.

Let us know which one she’s getting this year! We’d love to hear your story.

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