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Summer with Positivity

August 22, 2019

Have you ever heard people say that staying positive goes a long way? It is believed that the energy you give out to the world is the same energy that gets reflected back to you. This is why your attitude and optimism can do wonders for you and to your life!

Positive Energy Magnets

Adopting the right attitude and mindset can convert all the negative energy into positive energy, especially if you have stones or crystals around you to multiply the attraction of the energy that you want to channel.

For the longest time, stones and crystals are believed to bring specific energy or “aura” to the table, which is why they have been used as decorative home pieces or as jewelry. Some people like carrying these stones with them as lucky charms while others want to keep the energy in their homes. The most commonly desired energy is peace and harmony, while others put more value in health and wealth. Whatever aura you’re looking to attract, there’s a specific stone that can help you.

Let’s talk about the Blue Opal.

In ancient times, the blue opal is believed to strengthen the soul and attract true love. It is a stone of communication and creativity that allows you to speak your mind clearly and freely so if you desire confidence and good relations, this is definitely the best piece to have.

Physically, the blue opal balances metabolism and helps with mineral absorption and iron deficiency. If you believe in spiritual energy, it is known to protect and aid spiritual awakening while at the same time acting as  a compass to your soul.

Stones as Jewelry

Some tradition and cultures, even from ancient times, believe that wearing pieces of these colorful stones can protect and guide you in your everyday life. They are worn on your wrists as bracelets or as earrings or necklaces. Thankfully, in this time and age, we can do it stylishly and choose designs based on our personality. Technology has also made it possible to style and create jewelry that you can wear no matter the condition and occasion.

Summer Stones

Summer is the color of blue opal as it mimics the color of the sky and the ocean. Between the sun and seas calling out your name, and the weather being perfect for a relaxing beach day, could you really get a more positive vibe? The answer is yes—and you can do it fashionably too!

The blue opal summer collection was designed for the summer. So go ahead, take a piece of the sea and skies with you for all your summer adventures and channel the energy that the blue opal yields.

Island Breeze Pendant - Blue Opal