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Mother's Day Letter

May 12, 2019


Dear Mom,

I have my off days. The days where I’m anxious, down, or feeling in a funk. Times when I don’t know what to do, or what the right thing is.

On my really off days, this can be down to what I’m going to wear that day. I get lost, and feel misunderstood.

I can be good at snapping myself out of it, and people wonder how. I say, you, mom.

You’ve taught me that the bad days, the “I don’t feel pretty" days, the "nothing is going right" days, are okay.

Because of you, I know to dig deep and remember my strength.

Watching you go through life being shamelessly you, has helped me be shamelessly me.

I pick my head up, because I know you hold yours high.

I allow myself to fall, because you taught me with risk comes reward. And you can always get back up, brush yourself off, and persist until you get where you're going.

Thank you, Mom. For loving yourself, because it taught me to love myself.


Wishing all of our Moms, mentors, sisters, and best friends a happy Mother’s Day!  

We encourage you to tell Mom, or any Mother figure you look up to, why you love her!

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