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Kiss and Make Up Day

August 25, 2019

For every relationship, fighting is inevitable. It can be with your wife, your sister, your BFF and so on. That's okay, we're only human and sometimes the little things can get in the way of our relationship with our loved ones.


This day is exactly made for those situations. Show them you care by giving them something unique and special. Flowers and chocolates are nice but they can be cliché, while stuffed toys might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But you know what they say, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And this exactly why the Blue Opal is a perfect ”make up” present for the special women in your life. Why, you might ask?

It looks nice

Okay, this is a dead giveaway. And maybe blue might not be everyone’s favorite color but it’s easy to mix and match it with any outfit or other accessories which makes it perfect for everyday wear and for any occasion.

It brings out confidence

Confidence is power. It is beauty, it is happiness, and it can bring out positivity in someone’s life, especially if they’re wearing it. Blue opal helps ease anger expressing one's self with clarity. It also enhances the wearer’s artistic soul. If you could give them all of these things through jewelry, then you’ve practically outdone yourself. Besides, why not?

It helps relieve stress

If you have strong women in your life, then they probably don’t need more confidence but the blue opal isn’t just for confidence and creativity, it also helps anxiety and depression. It also brings about positive energy which helps tone down negativity and stress. It is calming and it has physical healing effects.

Make her fall in love

No, not just because you gave her jewelry, and no, not just romantically. Although blue opal brings luck in love, it also opens your heart to new adventures. It raises emotions and brings harmony to the wearer.

Give your “heart on a string” to the special women in your life by exploring our love collection. Perfect for your mother, sister, BFF and most especially, your wife. After all, a happy wife means a happy life.