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Keeping Your Positivity Throughout the Year

February 26, 2019

   As we close out February, the reality of how quickly the year moves is beginning to sink in. It feels like just last week we were putting on our New Years dresses, pouring champagne into flutes, and setting our intentions for the New Year.

  When January hits we feel filled with hope. Every year is the same motto; this is the year I’m going to ____. No matter what fills in the blank for you, it isn’t long after the clock hits midnight that we realize sometimes these resolutions are easier said than done.


   When discouragement starts to sink in, it feels like an even tougher battle. Then we wake up and it’s suddenly the end of March, already the end of the first quarter!Where did the time go?

  Eventually our minds can’t help but say, “oh well, next year!” And before we know it we’re back in our usual routines.

So, how are we supposed to keep positive when time is moving faster than we can keep up?

    First off, the only person who can push you to succeed is yourself.We take in so much pressure from the outside world on a daily basis that we forget who we’re really striving for— ourselves; to keep your positivity going all year long, you have to remember that one big detail.

   Do you want to make yourself proud? Do you believe in yourself? No matter what your answers were to either question, deep down you know you want to see yourself succeed. Remember that as long as you’re doing the best you can, you’ll see the right results.

   If you are someone who struggles with depression or anxiety, then start by taking the steps to put yourself and your well being first. Make time for your happiness, and we can assure that positivity will come naturally for you.

   Surround yourself with positive people, read, listen to music that makes you want to dance, wear jewelry that keeps you confident, or simply get outside more. Whatever your “you time” looks like, do it enough and before you know it, every year will be your best year.