OPAL - October's Birth Month Stone

October 14, 2019

Here’s one for the feisty October ladies out there; Opal is October’s birth month stone! Aside from the usual holidays like Halloween and good old beer festivals, another wonderful reason to celebrate this month is YOU! And what better way to spoil yourself by getting you something nice that also works to uplift your psyche and bring you protection?
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Blue Opal Bracelets For Any Personality

September 09, 2019

Vibrant blue opal accessories are not just pretty, they also attract optimism and a lot of positive energy. Inspired by the elements of summer and all things positive, our summer collection is truly meant for the summer loving you! And guess what, we have designs for various personalities!
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Kiss and Make Up Day

August 25, 2019

This day is exactly made for those situations. Show them you care by giving them something unique and special. Flowers and chocolates are nice but they can be cliché, while stuffed toys might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But you know what they say, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And this exactly why the Blue Opal is a perfect ”make up” present for the special women in your life.
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Summer with Positivity

August 22, 2019

Summer is the color of blue opal as it mimics the color of the sky and the ocean. Between the sun and seas calling out your name, and the weather being perfect for a relaxing beach day, could you really get a more positive vibe? The answer is yes—and you can do it fashionably too! The blue opal summer collection was designed for the summer. So go ahead, take a piece of the sea and skies with you for all your summer adventures and channel the energy that the blue opal yields.

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