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Why We Love Blue Opal

July 18, 2018

If you’ve shopped with Madison Ashley before, then you’ve probably noticed that we love the blue opal stone. Most of our jewelry contains blue opal and we want you to know that it’s no coincidence. We’ve mentioned in past blog posts that opal has many benefits for relationships and self- love. When we decided to use primarily blue opal rather than other types for our jewels, we took all the benefits into consideration.



Blue opal is relatively rare. It’s only found in the Andes mountains in Peru, being the natural stone of Peru. It is still questionable how the stone forms, but it is said that blue opal is specifically formed from rain. Research has shown that opal is formed when water from rain flows into the splits of rocks. Once the water evaporates, the silica that is left behind dries out and hardens into the beautiful opal stone.



This special stone is known to bring a relaxing energy to its owner, and It is most popular for relieving anxiety and tension in communication. Many people who wear Peruvian blue opal say they feel calmed from the stress and negative impacts of the outside world. Since the energies are so soothing, this can also be used as an aid for peaceful sleep. Though many different stones around the world provide great benefits, we’ve noticed that more than ever people are struggling with stress and anxiety. Feelings of stress can greatly affect other aspects of your life and bring up insecurities.  

Blue Opal Stone is known to calm anxiety, to enhance creativity, to strengthen relationships and helps create a positive mindset. It is a delicate stone with fine but vibrant energies.