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Taking Your Madison Ashley Pieces from Day to Night

August 13, 2018

Choosing the perfect jewelry is essential when putting together an outfit. Many times, it’s what makes your outfit stand out and is a perfect way to express your style. We love that our jewelry gives our buyers a fun, free, tropical type of feeling and we wanted to show our favorite ways of bringing that feeling from your day to night life.

During the day, we’re all about business. For example, a Thursday typically consists of tackling meetings and running errands. Los Angeles is in the middle of a major heat wave, so you could imagine the struggle in figuring out an outfit that will keep you cool, while looking some level of chic.

I went with a tan plaid skirt, with a tucked in white v neck, and black heeled sandals. Looking at my outfit I could see there was something missing to it. I wanted to throw in a pop of color, so I chose to go with the Opal Swirl Necklace to give my outfit that extra flare. I went through my day catching glimpses of the sparkly blue opal in my eye, giving me serious flashbacks to a more tropical day.

After an assignment filled day, my mind was on a happy hour date with my girlfriends. Choosing an outfit for drinks in the summer can be an easy choice. You can never go wrong with a flowing dress to help you feel cooled down and sexy.

Just like my day outfit, I wanted my Opal Swirl Necklace to be another pop of color. I chose a black skater dress, with white polka dot details, and the same black heeled sandals.

The blue opal hit the black and white details perfectly, giving an alluring detail that can’t be missed.Getting to my girl’s night I was treated with compliments of the eye-catching piece and finished my night feeling confident and ready for bed.

We’d love our shoppers to show us how they style their signature Madison Ashley USA pieces! Tag us in your Instagram photos to share your styling details!

Blue Opal Stone is known to calm anxiety, to enhance creativity, to strengthen relationships and helps create a positive mindset. It is a delicate stone with fine but vibrant energies.