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Opal in Autumn: How to Style Your MA Jewels For The Fall Season

November 06, 2018

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons for fashion. With cooler weather comes warmer layers. Sandals are switched out for boots, fleece jackets and knit sweaters are untucked from the back of the closet, and it’s completely acceptable to wear out the sweater you wore to bed the night before.

Fall sweaters and blouses typically mean a higher neck line, hiding your chest and the jewelry you’ve chosen for your ensemble. We want to give you, our readers, some tips on how to incorporate your Madison Ashley jewels into those extra comfy clothes, while still keeping the positive energy and elegant look the opal stone provides!


1. Wearing Your Necklaces Over Your Turtle Neck
    Turtle necks not only keep you warm, but are a timeless accessory that keeps your winter wardrobe chic and elegant.
    Wearing a blouse that goes up to your neck typically means there is no point in wearing a necklace, due to it being hidden. But we think there’s something delicate and pretty about layering a necklace over a turtle neck.
    After putting on your top, just latch on your favorite Madison Ashley necklace and rock it the same way you would with your summer blouses.


      2. Making A Statement With Earrings

      If you aren’t crazy about wearing a necklace with a turtle neck, you can still make a statement with your ear pieces. We are a huge fan of earrings and love including them in our fall outfits.
      Earrings are much easier to style with high neck lines and extra layers, because your ears aren’t usually covered (unless you wear ear muffs or low hats)!


        3. Adding Opal To Warmer Colors

          When we think fall fashion, we think warm colors: burnt oranges, soft mustard yellows, browns, and deep reds; beautiful colors all year round that pop out in Mother Natures autumn months. Our opal is a stunning, ocean blue tone that shines in the summer sun, but keeps its beauty through the fall and winter.

          When throwing on a blouse or sweater with a darker shade, allow your opal jewelry to be the pop of tropical blue we all miss dearly in the cooler months. With all the positive energy opal brings, there is no need to worry about color clashing, because it finds its own light in every outfit, all year long.