Managing Your Holiday Stress with Opal Stone

December 05, 2018

For many people, the holidays are the most pleasant time of the year. Family and loved ones come together, our homes are brightly decorated, and the usual coffee drinks are swapped for eggnog. We find ourselves feeling more thankful for the beauty in our lives and enjoying this fun time of the year. With holidays, though, come Holiday events and gifts.
Whether this is the annual dinner you host, finding the perfect dress to wear to your work holiday party, or being stuck again on what gift to get for your parents, you can always count on the holiday season to spark up a little bit of stress and anxiety.   

When it comes to hosting, we are very familiar with how stressful that could be. The list covers every base imaginable. Food, décor, music, drinks, and not to mention the most difficult, what you’re going to wear. Even when it comes to gifts, you feel a sense of anxiety on how well your gift of choice will be received; Did you get the right thing? Will the gift card you purchased simply be lost with all the other cards in their wallet?

When it comes to hosting, gift shopping, or any event during the Holidays, the true meaning is to enjoy your loved ones. This should never include stressing yourself out to the point of forgetting the reason for it all.


With the majority of our pieces being made with Blue Peruvian opal, we wanted to remind our readers that opal is popularly known for calming stress and anxiety, one of its many benefits!

When you notice the Holiday pressure kicking in, grab your favorite Madison Ashley opal piece, and let it do its thing. Reports have shown that people who wear opal stone see a significant reduction in their feelings of stress and anxiety.

An added bonus? These pieces would also be a beautiful addition to any holiday outfit, so you can feel less stress from the planning process, and look good the night of your event!