How Blue Opal Affects Your Health & Wellness

October 01, 2018

Every day of our lives are filled with tasks; some stressful, some positive. We show up for our jobs, friends, family and other commitments daily, putting our energy into what we find important.

With a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget about prioritizing self-care before anything or anyone else. Many times, we assume our well being is already taken care of and doesn't need further attention.

It can feel over-bearing sometimes to fit personal health into your daily routine, so we wanted to inform our followers that by wearing our precious opals, you are already doing your health and well-being a favor! 

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important to bring this subject to surface.Your mental and emotional state have a significant affect on your overall well-being and physical health, and can be a powerful aid in warding off diseases and negative blockades in the body.

More than 250,00 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year, 80% of them being women over the age of 50. These astounding statistics are the reason why taking time to care for yourself is necessary! Because being able to enjoy a positive lifestyle, free of disease with our friends and loved ones is what truly matters and is what makes life worth living.

 Here are a few ways blue opal can improve your well-being:

1. Supports Immune Health

A jumble of mental and environmental stresses are constantly bombarding our bodies on the daily. The buzz and demand of the modern lifestyle does not give our immune systems a rest, thus suppressing important functions, such as its ability to ward off disease.

Opal can aid in calming autoimmune inflammations, such as eczema, allergies, etc. With less inflammation, your immune system can function properly and aid your physical body in fighting disease.

2. Purifies The Physical Body

Opal is reported to help balance the body’s water content, helping with dehydration and water retention. It is believed to purify the body’s blood and kidneys. The stone is also known to balance female hormones, regulating the menstrual cycle. Women have reported experiencing less hormonal acne and mood swings.

3. Heals The Emotional Body

As we’ve mentioned, opal aids in connecting us with our truest selves. It encourages negative emotions to surface so we may face them and clear them from our psyche, allowing us to have room for positive energy.

When we are deeply connected with our conscience, our intentions are clear, and we are more emotionally responsible and aware of how we feel. This can also soothe and calm our mental state, alleviating worry and chronic stress.