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Managing Your Holiday Stress with Opal Stone

December 06, 2018

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Opal in Autumn: How to Style Your MA Jewels For The Fall Season

November 06, 2018

Fall sweaters and blouses typically mean a higher neck line, hiding your chest and the jewelry you’ve chosen for your ensemble. We want to give you, our readers, some tips on how to incorporate your Madison Ashley jewels into those extra comfy clothes, while still keeping the positive energy and elegant look the opal stone provide
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How Blue Opal Affects Your Health & Wellness

October 02, 2018

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important to bring this subject to surface.Your mental and emotional state have a significant affect on your overall well-being and physical health, and can be a powerful aid in warding off diseases and negative blockades in the body.

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Endless Summer

September 19, 2018

There’s no denying the feeling a good pair of shoes can bring, and how it can affect our mood and mindset. To encompass this summer feeling of carefree peace and positivity, the flip flop pendant was created.
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