Madison Ashley USA 2018 Gift Guide

For the Christmas lover:  Christmas Tree Pendant For the person in your life t...

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Managing Your Holiday Stress with Opal Stone

For many people, the holidays are the most pleasant time of the year. Family and loved ones come together, our homes are brightly decorated, and the usual coffee drinks are swapped for eggnog. We find ourselves f...

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Opal in Autumn: How to Style Your MA Jewels For The Fall Season

Fall sweaters and blouses typically mean a higher neck line, hiding your chest and the jewelry you’ve chosen for your ensemble. We want to give you, our readers, some tips on how to incorporate your Madison Ashley jewels into those extra c...

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How Blue Opal Affects Your Health & Wellness

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Read more

Endless Summer

There’s no denying the feeling a good pair of shoes can bring, and how it can affect our mood and mindset. To encompass this summer feeling of carefree peace and positivity, the flip flop pendant was created.

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Taking Your Madison Ashley Pieces from Day to Night

We love that our jewelry gives our buyers a fun, free, tropical type of feeling and we wanted to show our favorite ways of bringing that feeling from your day to night life.

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Why We Love Blue Opal

This special stone is known to bring a relaxing energy to its owner, and It is most popular for relieving anxiety and tension in communication.

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Opal Strengthens Relationships

Opal Stone is known to calm anxiety, to enhance creativity, and our favorite, to strengthen relationships. This bright blue stone is known to especially bring out passion and love in a romantic relationship.

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Summer Style with Madison Ashley

It’s easy to see why opal is the perfect jewel for summer. The vibrant blue color is attention grabbing and dreamy like the clear blue of the ocean. 

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